Getting to Bosnia and Herzegovina

January 4, 2008

Zavidovići railway stationTraveling to Bosnia gets easier every year. More flights means easier access to a number of cities throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina, and improved bus services and repaired roads give tourists more transportation options once they arrive in Bosnia and Herzegovina, too!

Take the Plane
Fly to Sarajevo on British Airways, Croatia Airlines, Alitalia and Adria Airlines. Croatia Airlines also flies to Mostar via Zagreb, Croatia. Plan for a departure tax of around USD 15.

If you are traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina during a European tour, take the national airways, called B&H Airlines. Catch a flight into Bosnia and Herzegovina from several major European locations including Zurich, Switzerland, Cologne, Germany, Stuttgart, Germany, Istanbul, Turkey, and Izmir, Turkey.

Document Requirements
If arriving by plane, make sure your paperwork is completely in order. Your passport is required, and most travelers do not need a visa for a stay of less than thirty days.

Hop on a Train
Bosnia and Herzegovina faced a damaged railway system in the tumultuous ’90s, but now they are being repaired. Train travel, although slow, provides an excellent opportunity to see the country and its smaller, less accessible regions. Take the train from Croatia or Budapest when traveling from other European locations on your way to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Take the Bus
If you crave more reliable service but don’t want to fly, take the bus in Bosnia-Herzegovina. You can buy a ticket for Sarajevo from many major Eastern and Central European cities, as well as Zagreb and Belgrade.

Getting Around Bosnia and Herzegovina
Taxis in some Bosnian cities may operate under several schemes. For a lower price, you can take a taxi which stops along the bus route to let people off. If you’re tired after a long day of sightseeing, you can pay a little extra and get door-to-door service.

Rent a car in Bosnia to see the sights and get where you are going fast. It’s recommended that all drivers proceed with extreme caution, because local drivers can be a surprise. Renting a car may be more convenient, but try to avoid mountain driving in the winter months, particularly in area that receive larger amounts of snow in the north and elevated regions. Parking can also be difficult in the cities.

If you are planning on renting a vehicle, be advised that prices can mount! Even if you do rack up quite the bill, don’t forget that insurance policies should be as full-coverage as possible. With unknown streets and different drivers, it’s better to be safe.

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Zavidovići railway station by Soman


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