Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Sarajevo

January 7, 2008

Karabit Cafe in SarajevoBudget

If you’re on a budget, head to the city center to find lots of cheap eats fast. Try a pita, which is a special pie you can get in different flavors such as pumpkin, potato, cheese, or cheese and spinach. Dip yours in the spicy yogurt sauce for authenticity! You can also buy burek, a meat pie, pizza, and cevapi, a common fast food made from smaller sausages, lots of onions, and a pocket-style bread from any small Bosnian restaurants. Read the story »

Things to Do in Sarajevo

January 7, 2008

Bascarsija outdoor cafeSarajevo’s cosmopolitan atmosphere harbors an intellectual flair in many of the popular tourist destinations. This city proves to be one of the most interesting in all of Europe, due to its location straddling East and West. Architecturally, the city is superb and fully recovered from past damage during the war, making it a strong European presence with a quirky Eastern atmosphere. Read the story »

Places to Stay in Sarajevo

January 6, 2008

Holiday Inn of SarajevoSarajevo draws visitors from all over the world as the largest urban center in Bosnia. With a strong cultural vibe, active arts programs, and historical monuments, Sarajevo is the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read the story »

Banja Luka: Urban Center of Republika Srpska

January 6, 2008

Banja Luka ShoppingBanja Luka, the second largest city in Bosnia-Herzegovina, is located along the Vrbas River in northern Bosnia. Banja Luka is a historical gem, and despite its tumultuous history, retains a natural beauty that visitors have begun to rediscover. Read the story »

Jablanica: Seclusion in the Mountains

January 6, 2008

Destroyed bridge on the Neretva near JablanicaTo many visitors to this area, it is one of the most beautiful regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina to visit. Jablanica is found close to the sparkling, fast-running Neretva River. Read the story »

Medjugorje: A Spiritual Destination

January 6, 2008

St. James Church in MedjugorjeMedjugorje is the city in Bosnia and Herzegovina for relaxation, religious reflection, and cultural sightseeing. This small parish is made up of five villages, where the Virgin Mary is believed to have appeared to six Croatians in 1981. Shrouded by mystery, Medjugorje has drawn visitors from around the world. Read the story »

Neum: Seaside Resort on the Adriatic

January 6, 2008

Neum coastlineOne of the amazing things about Bosnia is that you can experience so many different climates in such a small region. Little known is the fact that not far from the snowy peaks of its’ mountain tops is a true seaside resort. Nestled in a small cove out of reach of the strong winds coming off the Adriatic is Neum, a gem of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read the story »

Mostar: The River City

January 6, 2008

Stari Most in MostarMostar is the fifth-largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and has an interesting history as well as a striking layout. The famously divided city spans both sides of the Neretva River, with a vibrant community of Bosniaks and Croats occupying either side of this city. Connecting the two regions is the Old Mostar Bridge, which was constructed in 1566 . Read the story »

Tuzla: Northeastern Getaway

January 6, 2008

Tuzla City CenterTuzla serves as the hub of scientific, economic, cultural, educational, and touristic center of Northeast Bosnia. It is found near the slopes of the Majevica Mountain, and offers outstanding views, tiny streets, and a peek into the old life in Bosnia. Read the story »

Sarajevo: The Capital of Bosnia

January 4, 2008

Shopping in BasarcijaSarajevo is the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina and is the focal point for most of the nation’s cultural and urban activities. It is surrounded by the Dinaric Alps and sits upon the Miljacka River. Although much of the city center is quite flat, Sarajevo is surrounded by hilly neighborhoods. Some of these are amongst the oldest regions of Sarajevo. Read the story »