Tuzla: Northeastern Getaway

January 6, 2008

Tuzla City CenterTuzla serves as the hub of scientific, economic, cultural, educational, and touristic center of Northeast Bosnia. It is found near the slopes of the Majevica Mountain, and offers outstanding views, tiny streets, and a peek into the old life in Bosnia.

Getting There

Travel by bus to reach Tuzla easily. Bus schedules are very reliable, and you can take one of the three bus trips that leave for Tuzla every day from Zagreb. While there is a small airport in Tuzla, you can save money by flying to Sarajevo and driving from there. It will take three hours, and while mountain driving can be a little harrowing, you’ll have fabulous views. Drive from Zagreb for four hours for better road conditions, if you don’t mind a longer drive!

Things to Do and See

Head to the Korzo, the downtown area of Tuzla. Enjoy the pedestrianized streets for a good walk and to take in the sights along the way. You’ll find street cafes, musicians, and lots of opportunities for shopping! When you reach the main square, you ‘ll see the big fountain located in the center that provides the city with water.

If you stay in Tuzla during the summertime, visit the Tuzla Wave Music Festival. You can head to lots of presentations and events during this month-long event, which draws in an international audience. Get a program and go to various downtown locations to mix with the locals.

Take a trip to visit the sacred destinations in Tuzla, including the Orthodox Cathedral, the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Apostles, and the 20 churches that dot the area. The Franciscan Monastery a breathtaking bell tower which affords fabulous views of the city and surrounding land. Just ask a monk for access to the tower, and don’t look down! Visit the mosque of Dzindi, which is the oldest in Tuzla.

If you are in the mood for a walk, take a stroll in one of the neighborhoods located in the hills. Go to Mosnik by traveling to the Korzo and crossing the Jala by going over the bridge. Walk North up the hill in Mosnik for a view of traditional neighborhoods.

Places to Stay

Hotel Tuzla

M Fizovica Fiska 15

Stay in this hotel for simple but elegant service. You will appreciate its proximity to lots of different touristic areas, including the Tuzla Salt Lake, located 10 minutes away.

Hotel Bristol Tuzla

Aleja Bosanskih Vladara

Hotel Bristol Tuzla has relatively low prices for accommodation located very close to the city center. Found on the historic and beautiful street of Aleja Bosanskih Vladara, Hotel Bristol Tuzla gives you easy access to artistic points of interest and lots of shops.

Choose a home visit or a private bed and breakfast for more individualized service when you arrive.

Getting Around

Tuzla has a reliable city bus system comprised of two zones. The first zone covers a 1 km radius and will serves tourists well. You can also walk around the city for the best sightseeing opportunities.

Take a cab around the city for low cost. Some cabs travel on the bus routes, stopping at bus stops only. In order to get a cab to stop at your home, you’ll need to pay extra. With all the steep hills in Tuzla, it could be worth it!

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Tuzla City Center by Little Green Dragon


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